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No. 1472: Schrödinner

First | Previous | 2013-05-30 | Next | Latest


First | Previous | 2013-05-30 | Next | Latest

Strip by: conceptualWellspring

{Garfield sees his dinner sitting under a radioactive source}
{Garfield tosses the food into his mouth}
{Garfield walks up to Erwin Schrödinger, his mouth full}
Schrödinger: Did you have your dinner?
Garfield: I'm considering it.

The author writes:

Schrödinger here posits that if a radioactive source is left in a room with Garfield and a bowl of food, and if when an internal monitor detects radiation it releases appetite suppressants, then Garfield may or may not have eaten his dinner until (or possibly after) observed.

Original strip: 2013-03-05.