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No. 1275: Square Root of Minus The Arbuckle Family in Reruns

Square Root of Minus The Arbuckle Family in Reruns

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Strip by: Lubaf

Jon: Garfield, all I think about is Liz...
Garfields: We can't get our minds off that ham in the fridge.

The author writes:

For those too young to understand the joke: When a "first run" television show (that is, still having new episodes produced in prime time network television) was released for reruns to syndication (that is, it would be shown sometimes besides prime time on television stations that lacked anything better to put on then reruns), it would frequently have two modifications done to it: First, if it was still being produced, the syndicated version would frequently be retitled (for example, Gunsmoke became Marshal Dillon), and secondly, it would be edited for time (sometimes creating plot holes), since syndicated programming has more advertisements per hour.

Original Square Root of Minus Garfield: #2.

Original Garfield: 2008-11-15.