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No. 1144: Lipogrammatic Pumpkin-and-Black Cat

Lipogrammatic Pumpkin-and-Black Cat

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Strip by: Manyhills

Jon: Look! Post from mom, kitty!
Jon: Naught so much as information from family to lift your spirits!
Jon: {looking at post} My son, our gallus is kaput.
Pumpkin-and-black Cat: Probably from lack of fun.

The author writes:

In a pub quiz not too long ago, I got a wrong mark for mixing up Wright's Gadsby (1939) and Adair's A Void (1995, from a Gallic book of 1969, La Disparition). Thankfully, our group still won. In part thanks to my knowing all four Pac-Man ghosts.

Original strip: 1991-07-29.