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No. 8: The World is Just... Meta

The World is Just... Meta

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Strip art by: Peter Brichs

Girl: I love my zoom-out
{scene zooms out}
Narration: I love to narrate here
Boy: {just a head surrounded by dialogue} I love my walls of text - Have you ever noticed how some comics seem to go completely overboard with putting too much dialogue into every panel, reducing the character artwork to basically just a talking head? That really annoys me. It breaks up the rhythm of the text too.
Boy: I love this random sphere
Narration: I love the whole world
Narration: And... bats with speedlines?
Thunder: Boom-de-yada!
Man: Boom-de-yada!
Girl: Boom-de-yada! Boom-de-yada!

The artist writes:

When I first heard of Awkward Fumbles, I thought of all the drawings just lying around on my old hard drive, just waiting for something to do. So, I pasted some different stuff together, gave a touch of magic in Microsoft Paint, and voila! My first submission is complete!