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Comic 4




Eve waits at the bus stop. We observe that the bus stop name is in a strange script, as are the ads. The people in the queue are of visibly different ethnicity. One woman is speaking on her phone, in the same mysterious language. To her rookie ears, Eve can make out only a partial translation, shown as subtitles.

WOMAN ON PHONE [foreign language] SUBTITLE never ?? person such bad ???

Eve gets on the bus and makes a phone call.

EVE [foreign language] SUBTITLE Hello? Yes, I speak to Doctor Cloud please?

Eve gets through to Doctor Cloud, who is the same ethnicity as Eve, as we are able to observe because she changes to a video call.

DOCTOR CLOUD Ah, Ms. Tundra. Thank you for returning my call. Could you put on your video please?

Eve removes a sticker from the camera on her phone.

EVE Hi! Yeah, sorry for... is this about the forms? DOCTOR CLOUD There are discrepancies.

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