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No. 739: Real tennis, anyone?

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Real tennis, anyone?

First | Previous | 2018-09-13 | Next | Latest

Strip by: Andrew Coker, David Morgan-Mar

T-Rex: In the spirit of real tennis:[1]
T-Rex: The lane has a bend and an asymmetrical slope in it, plus bonus windows. Three balls in the windows releases multiball mode. If you run to the pins before the ball you can hit them with a fox.
T-Rex: The coloured joker pin is worth 20 points and a reroll.
Utahraptor: Ooh!
T-Rex: Henry VIII invented this game using a disused room in the Tower of London.[2]
Utahraptor: Neat.
T-Rex: He originally called it Ten Pin Boleyn.
T-Rex: He also invented Real Golf.
T-Rex: He scored five under Parr.

The author writes:

[1] Real tennis, Wikipedia. Read especially the bits about the court and manner of play.

[2] Not actually true, in the sense that it's factual in real life. Although Henry VIII did indeed play the game.