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No. 637: Announcing: CruddyBike!

Announcing: CruddyBike!

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Strip by: David Morgan-Mar, Andrew Coker

T-Rex: I've made a new app called CruddyBike. It's a crowdsourced dockless share bike
T-Rex: vandalism app!
T-Rex: Download the app and it uses GPS to tell you the nearest share bikes that you can vandalise! You can buy coins to pay for vandalising credit.
T-Rex: 6 coins to bend a wheel. 8 coins to steal a seat.
T-Rex: 12 coins to toss the whole bike in a stormwater canal.
Utahraptor: You're going to go through a lot of bikes that way.
T-Rex: Oh no, WE don't supply them...

The author writes:

Recently two dockless bicycle sharing companies started business in Sydney. We're getting used to seeing those yellow oBikes and red ReddyGo bikes everywhere!