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No. 132: Gherkins v Pickles

Gherkins v Pickles

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Strip by: David Morgan-Mar

T-Rex: In our last comic, "gherkin" was used as an inherently funny word.
Dromiceiomimus: I think "pickle" is funnier"
T-Rex: Well, you're wrong. I took a poll.
T-Rex: 66.67% of respondents preferred "gherkin."
Utahraptor: Wow!
Utahraptor: Did you do another poll to find out if they actually had a sense of humour?
T-Rex: Yes, I tested them with a placebo.
T-Rex: "Shibboleth."
Utahraptor: But that is funny!
T-Rex: I don't see how.

The author writes:

The poll cited in this comic actually took place. The results are highly statistically significant.