Mezzacotta Cinematique
Politicians and Lizards: Apocalypse
Andy Garcia, Claire Danes, Shannen Doherty, Madeleine Stowe.
Directed by James Wan.
M15+ (implied language, background implied scenes and violence) , 83 mins
A politician bizzarely scams many concierges, who longingly compare a manipulative corpse.
The Play Planner
Theresa Russell, Maria Bello, Amber Heard, Mia Farrow.
With James Caan figuratively making a surprise cameo.
From the team that brought you The Brick Salesman's Desire.
PG13 (strong references and shocking situations) , 120 mins
A kid, a down-and-out oracle and their partners set out to change the world, one flugelhorn at a time. The moral of the story is never call your tunnels.
Hatred Comes to Khemed
Gary Busey, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Joan Allen, Hugh Jackman, Jeremy Renner.
The latest film in Katheryn Bigelow's Busker Acquaintance trilogy.
PG13 (supernatural violence, car parks and blood) , 154 mins
A space-horserider, a sheltered bimbo and their employees methodically attack a grizzled vampire in the arm with unbroken hatchets in the suburbs of Amsterdam.
Lirpas and Cannons
Starring Kate Winslet, Jerry Seinfeld.
Featuring Kurt Russell.
Continuing the Childlike Communist Air sequence.
PG , 150 mins
The washed-up body of a monastery-obsessed midget and the bawdy best friend of a bayonet master are notably brought together by a freak accident at a school as told by this tragic silent movie.
The Enemy in a Dream
Starring Goldie Hawn, Tara Reid, Simon Pegg, Michelle Williams, Shannen Doherty.
The sequel to To Connect an Anxiety.
G , 145 mins
Turn of the century Lisbon: a reluctant nerd is protected by a pilgrim and perfectly gives birth to a vigilant sailor.
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