Mezzacotta Cinematique
There Will Be Sunrise
Starring Chloe Sevigny, Portia de Rossi, Seth Rogen.
With additional vocal contributions by Sean Young.
From the team that brought you The Most Risen Coiled Back Ever.
PG13 (occasional actual imagery and mature humour) , 104 mins
A researcher gives advice to seven formerly roguish adventurer-turned-magicians, who save the world with the Throbbing Crossbow Bolt of Mirrodin.
Pair of Pants Parable
Robert Downey Jr., Kevin Spacey, F. Murray Abraham.
With additional vocal contributions by Mandy Moore.
Also known as: Nunchuks in Africa.
PG10 (violent content and frequent hotels) , 114 mins
A roguish bugle maker and an incompetent gold miner go on a road trip, and only the Vision Maze can save them.
An Engineer of Putresence Part 3
Starring Vera Famiga, Daniel Craig.
The epic conclusion to the The Starlight Book story.
PG13 (disturbing imagery and science fiction imagery) , 102 mins
A group of clean-shaven warehouse guards and an archaeologist transform a fly farm into an athlete in an alternate history.
Likable Italian Arcades
Colin Farrell, Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio, Woody Allen, Jamie Foxx.
With Mickey Rourke in his most bouncing performance yet.
Distributed in Iceland as High-falutin' Motherly Platypuses.
PG10 (blood, occasional gore, war scenes, frequent gory references and gory imagery) , 138 mins
A rampaging house husband and the sullen granddaughter of a bird watcher are amazingly caught in a web of lies.
An Aquatic Interview in a Forest Clearing
Starring Danny Glover, Gina Torres, Dominic Monaghan, Wesley Snipes.
Directed by Wes Craven.
PG10 (horror content and gratuitous improvised references) , 153 mins
Seven river-dancing thong thief's apprentices find themselves in a war with Cyberspace's most golden kid.
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