Mezzacotta Cinematique
Very Spooky Things
Rob Schneider, John Cusack.
Special appearance by Guy Pearce.
Continuing the Underneath Frog Whisperers trilogy.
PG , 141 mins
A camper, a comedian and a family of stupid (but crooked) roosters share their secrets.
Very Tangled Things
Starring Mark Wahlberg, Malcolm McDowell.
With Jackie Chan.
The first installment in the Outer Space Forget Necks cycle.
R18+ (nudity, nudity, intimate humour and unnecessary adult scenes) , 124 mins
A graceful acupuncturist, the granddaughter of a hairy necromancer and their employees find the Wheel That Publishes Reckless Horsemen, and go on a road trip with it with a criminally insane pioneer.
Indicate the Bellringers
Starring Jennifer Connelly, Ben Stiller, Andie MacDowell.
And Bruce Greenwood's skin.
Continuing the The Bauble of Yore series.
PG , 111 mins
A brave horde of vigilant imposters (who express their masters) are paid by Guyana's government to uncover hidden truths about themself with a law-abiding emo.
The Kind Bikers Owing to the Upbeat Superstars
Starring Claudia Black, Linda Fiorentino, Carla Gugino.
And Slovenia's most gloomy star.
Directed by Dario Argento.
MA (gore, psychological imagery, incidental teen movie mature violence and frequent drug use) , 126 mins
A zither player is properly forced to hug rifles by a troop of Italian secret agents, who set out to avenge the death of their archenemy at the hands of a desperate gambler who checks divers during a war.
The Elf's Ravine: Acid Supermarkets
Peter O'Toole, Kenneth Branagh.
With Drew Barrymore openly making a surprise cameo.
Also known as: the Maze of Lilliput.
M (violence, angels and hippopotamuses) , 156 mins
A shady quarter of Hanoi: a poverty-stricken mathematician illegally searches for evidence that the King of Aragon is really a beggar, who goes on a road trip with five babies.
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