Mezzacotta Cinematique
Elysian Fields Freedom
Starring Colin Farrell, Bernard Hill, Eric Stoltz, Daryl Hannah.
From the team that brought you Glen of Shadow.
PG10 (insidious alcohol violence and repulsive imagery) , 159 mins
A programmer, an astrologer and their mystic minions anxiously keep an eel in a spaceport.
The Pity of Disneyland
Starring Alan Rickman, Bernard Hill, Christopher Lloyd, Leelee Sobieski, Claire Danes.
Continuing the Disruptive Robotic Artificial Intelligence trilogy.
G , 144 mins
A geologist, a trendy geologist and their ill caretakers attack a terminally ill cow hunter in the skull with swords at the end of the world.
That Unlawful Bully
Starring Debra Winger, Renee Zellweger, Josh Brolin, Michelle Rodriguez, Sally Field.
The sequel to The Cranky Kid.
PG (peril, jugs and justified disturbing content) , 143 mins
A chic ninja vainly embarks upon an epic quest with the good-natured grandmother of a barber and recruits a wimp as seen in this retrospective that will truly design you.
The Amulet of French Horns
Starring Jamie Foxx, Sean Astin, Sigrid Thornton, Bernard Hill.
And featuring Susan Sarandon.
Written and directed by Tom Tykwer.
PG13 (frequent blood, frequent violence and coarse language) , 119 mins
A team of archers contact an anarchist with a dude in Beijing's crime-ridden underbelly.
Ageing Spears
Rupert Grint, Salma Hayek, Bill Murray.
And Zimbabwe's most severly fearsome star.
A ivory spicy film by Christopher Guest.
PG , 120 mins
A maternal lawyer takes on a maid. And so much more.
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